Chris Carra

Time for a Change!

Right – cup of coffee, laptop, WordPress… Let’s do this!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this website, which acts as both a hub to bring together some of my writing work and a severely underused blog.

Most readers will know the years of blogging work I did on ForzaSwansea – which won best Sports Blog in Wales in 2012 – and SwanseaOnAPlate, which eventually morphed into TasteSwansea magazine.┬áThese days I write for neither of them, although I am genuinely pleased they are still going without me.

Why now?

While I do my day-to-day writing work for several different companies around the world, supplemented by my occasional book-writing, it recently hit me: I have nowhere to blog about the random things I want to blog about.

Recently I’ve missed writing random reviews of places in which I’ve eaten (both the good and the bad), places in which I’ve drunk, the video games I’ve played, the guitars I’ve bought, the things that annoy me, and the general musings of a full-time freelance writer.

So I’ve decided to restart writing about all those things on this blog!

While this is technically the same blog as I’ve always had (you can still see posts from a few years ago), it’s actually a completely different website, which has been rebuilt to offer me an easier-to-control magazine-style theme. This should make it easier to categorise the things I write about.

What I’ll be writing about

As I mentioned, I miss writing about random things, so expect a blog full of different topics – from guitar and video games, to food, drink and fitness.

When I’ll be writing

Sometimes I am very busy with other work and books, but for the times I have a spare five minutes, I will be back blogging here, just for fun.

What’s the point?

Same point as anything I write – to entertain and to allow me to vent!

When I started ForzaSwansea I just wrote because I liked writing about football. It eventually led to an award and a trio of Swansea City books, but they weren’t my ultimate aim from the site.

When I started SwanseaOnAPlate I also had no final goal – I just wanted to write about places I’d eaten at in Swansea. After a few years this turned into TasteSwansea magazine, which was a great project to work on. But by the end of my time with the magazine I felt I no longer had the enthusiasm.

So now, full of renewed vigour, I am back to blogging in my spare time. Whether you read this blog every day or this is the only time you drop by, thanks for visiting!

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