Chris Carra

Where the Hell Have I Been?!

Last time I posted on this site was just before the arrival of the global pandemic (remember that?!), after my return from Los Angeles and an epic trip to Gold’s Gym.

So where have I been for the last two years or so? 🤔

Firstly, during the pandemic, I began a nutrition coaching service, which tied my obsession with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing with my love of helping people. I won’t talk too much about this because you can read more on my nutrition coaching page. I am still coaching, although that has taken a backseat recently as I have started a few new projects.

In terms of my day-to-day writing, I am working with around five clients on a range of ongoing projects – most of which you will never read! This includes daily work for a large Canadian growth marketing company, a Miami-based vegan nutrition brand, an American personal development coach, and a British boutique natural remedy brand.

Yep, an eclectic mix that keeps me entertained and pays the bills!

Onto more exciting things and you may be pleased to know that I have started writing a new book, of which I have already made a serious dent. It’s been a few years since my two Bluffer’s Guides books were published and I am feeling the urge to see my name on the shelves once again!

I plan to finish writing towards the autumn, and it will be released in one way or another by early- to mid-2023. I haven’t decided whether I am going down the traditional publishing route, or whether I want to explore other avenues. Either way, it’s going to be very different to anything I have done before! Watch this space…

I have also started a health and nutrition podcast, but I am playing around with the format, name and content a little, so I won’t be releasing details of that until I have something I am happy with. Shouldn’t be too long before I reveal all.

Finally, I will be back blogging in a personal capacity! I want to write at least one weekly article for this site, where I can share my thoughts on different topics, from fitness and nutrition, to general life. There’s always plenty to discuss, although if you have any suggestions for things you would like me to cover, please get in touch!

Until next time (which will definitely be sooner than two years…),