Chris Carra

Short But Sharp: Men’s Fitness Article

I’m pleased to announce that I have once again been published in Men’s Fitness magazine, as the lead article in the May 2024 edition.

Earlier in the year, I put myself through an eight-week experiment. I tested whether I could save time by working out like legendary bodybuilder Mike Mentzer. For the uninitiated, Mentzer is one of the most iconic bodybuilders to have ever lived.

In addition to his perfect body, he made waves with an unconventional training style, which was famously low in volume. Training each muscle group with just one set per week.

In short, it meant reducing my training time by around 75% by following Mentzer’s high-intensity, low-frequency training style.

If that sounds easy, I can assure you it wasn’t!

I won’t go into the results much here, as I wrote an article on the Mike Mentzer split over on my other website.

However, training in this way proved to be interesting. I certainly put on muscle, which was incredible considering I was training less than an hour a week.

It’s an entertaining read and I love the illustrations (which were certainly not done by me, but an illustrator called Kevin February). You can buy the May edition of Men’s Fitness here.

This was my second article for the famous British fitness magazine, after I wrote about becoming a firefighter last year.

I will return very soon with an announcement about an update to one of my older books, which is really cool. Until then, thanks for reading!