Chris Carra
Planet Health Podcast Announcement

NEW! ‘Planet Health’ Podcast

It’s time to introduce you to my new podcast, Planet Health!

You can currently listen to it on SpotifyApple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or Anchor

Earlier in the year, I announced that I would be releasing a podcast, and – after procrastinating for a bit too long – I launched the first episodes in October 2022.

Let’s answer some questions…

UPDATE: I have now created a dedicated Planet Health podcast page with up-to-date news and episode descriptions.

What is the podcast about?

In Planet Health, I am exploring the world to see what our global cousins are doing to stay lean, fit, and healthy – and then helping listeners like YOU to implement these habits into your life.

This podcast is about giving you the tools to make positive changes to your life and maintain a healthy weight.

Why should people listen to you?

Good question! Firstly, my credentials – I am a health and fitness writer, author of the Bluffer’s Guide to Fitness, and a Pn-1 certified nutrition coach who has coached many people to reach their weight and fitness goals.

I’m also a wonderful presenter (and modest too).

My philosophy is that people shouldn’t need to go on a diet to lose weight – especially not a crash diet or fad diet. I also believe that the vast majority of people shouldn’t need to count calories to lose weight and stay fit.

Instead, I teach that when small habits are done consistently, big changes are made. Simple, but very effective.

What are you going to teach us on this podcast?

In countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, we have some habits that are… not particularly supportive of staying lean, healthy, and happy. I’m sure you can guess some of these!

So, I want to visit other countries to see what we can learn from them about what they eat, how they eat, how they move, how they sleep, and so on.

Then I share these traditions and cultures with you and give you some practical advice on how to implement them into daily life.

How often are you going to do this podcast?

The aim is for one episode a week, although I have been doing more than one a week at the moment.

Will there be guests?

Indeed, there will. In Episode #3 I spoke with a Swedish health coach and in Episode #11 I chatted with a Welsh journalist. There are more interviews lined up with experts from Israel, India, Japan, the USA and more coming in 2023!

If you have any suggestions on countries to visit or habits to discuss, then please get in touch!

Please the follow the podcast and rate it, and feel free to give me any feedback.

Until next time…